From planning to designing to installation, ON-Q can customize any home, office, bussiness or space into a state-of-the-art entertainment atmosphere with custom audio, multi-room audio, home theater, surround sound, media room, structured wiring, security cameras, remote controls, plasma screen installation, lighting control and intercom.
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Audio Video

Multi-Room Audio (Keypad Audio)

Multi-room audio is the ability to listen to music in different rooms or zones at the same time from one system. Multi-source systems play various audio sources-like FM/AM tuner, CD, Cable / Satellite or your iPod in various sections of your home, inside or outside, at the same time, and control it all by discreet, in-wall keypads or custom remotes.

Imagine yourself relaxing on your patio, sipping your favorite drink, and listening to your favorite artists.  Stop searching through stacks of CDs for that perfect song; choose your favorite artist on a color touch-screen panel, which accesses the in-house media server.    The possibilities are endless: music in the kitchen, the master bedroom, any room you wish.
Home Theater
Go to the Movies without leaving home!  

ON-Q can install screens up to 150” with a stunning high-definition picture that will leave your guests and family members saying “Wow!”   A surround-sound system and theater chairs complete the experience.  

Don’t just watch your favorite movie, concert, or sporting event; experience it, all at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home.  All you need when we’re done is the popcorn.

Media Room or Surround Sound
We can pre-wire your family room, or any other room, with high-quality speaker wire and high definition video wire.

With hidden speakers compatible with any décor, you can entertain flawlessly without worrying about bulky speakers or unsightly wires.  With pre-wiring, you can even mount your plasma above your fireplace without any visible wiring at all!

Structured Wiring

When your home is still under construction, ON-Q can wire your house with telephone wires and computer network and television cables.  A neatly-labeled panel installed in a hidden closet or basement takes the mess and confusion out of your wiring system.

Future-proof your house!  Structured wiring will allow your home to easily adapt to today’s and future technologies.   With a secure wired (and/or wireless) internet throughout the house, multiple people can access the internet, even other computers and printers elsewhere in the house. 
Security Cameras
We can install motion-activated cameras, even cameras with night-vision, helping you to protect your home and family.  All of the data collected is stored on a hard-drive for later review, if needed.

There is comfort in being able to keep an eye on things from any television in the house. Imagine the safety in knowing who is at the door before opening it. You can even log on to a computer and check your house while you are at work, or when you are away on vacation in Europe!

Remote Controls
We’ll take the confusion out of multiple remotes by programming a single remote to perform all of your desired audio-visual functions. Certain remotes require no aiming, and can pass through any walls.

It can be a hassle changing all of the settings on multiple pieces of equipment just to watch a DVD.  But what if you had one remote that could change all of those settings at once?  There won’t be any confusion over which remote belongs to which device when you have a Universal Remote tailored and programmed to fit your needs.

Custom Installation of Plasma TVs and other Audio/Video Gear
ON-Q will tailor the installation to your needs, whether that means fishing wire through walls, installing hidden speakers and surround sound recievers, or mounting the television.

Imagine hiding entire systems in a closet, keeping all unsightly wiring and electronics out of view.

Lighting Control

Dim your lamps, track or recessed lighting using either a remote or a sleek keypad mounted on the wall.

Create a proper atmosphere at your parties using dimming lights, or just avoid the blinding effect of sudden light after watching a film.  Picture being able to turn off all the downstairs lights while in the comfort of your bedroom.  With lighting control systems, you can!


We can set up an intercom system using sleek keypads mounted in the wall, or we can program telephones for intercom use.

With an intercom system, you no longer need to yell unnecessarily to call family members for dinner, nor do you need to traipse through the house to find them.  Instead, merely press a button and page them to the dinner table.  You can also hear and answer the doorbell with your intercom system; no longer will you have to worry about missing a visitor!